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Fall Session Recruitment information:

*Reminder: Only new skaters need attend*

Join us 1:00pm-3:00pm on May 20th and 6:30-8:00pm on June 13th to learn about Omaha Junior Roller Derby. OJRD is a CO-ED derby league for skaters ages 8-17. No prior roller derby experience is required to participate in our non-competitive sessions.

Although we don’t expect incoming skaters to be experts, we absolutely recommend picking up some basic skating skills before training camp starts. Both Skate City in Bellevue and Skate Daze in Omaha offer skating lessons and open skate times where tomorrow’s derby kid can get a head start on skating today! The first season of roller derby can be overwhelming for new skaters if, in addition to learning the rules of the game and derby specific skills, they must also learn how to simply skate. Getting your kids some skating time in advance sets them up for success!

Our Fall Session costs $100. This fee covers your skater insurance and team shirt. It also contributes towards rental of our practice facility, and other league expenses. Skaters must provide their own gear, a birth certificate for skater insurance purposes (or other form of legal identification such as their own driver’s license, state id, military id, passport, etc,) and a photocopy of their major medical insurance card.

Necessary Gear:
Quad Skates (No Inlines!)
A well-fitted multi-impact helmet
Elbow pads and knee pads (the hard shell kind with lots of padding)
Wrist guards
Mouth guard

Questions? Send us a message here or an email to ojrdrecruit@gmail.com


Non-Competitive Winter Sessions

       • January 14th – 24th: Winter Session Training Camp (Tuesday’s 6-8pm & Saturday’s 10am-noon)
       • January 28th – March 25th: Session (Tuesday’s 6-8pm & Saturday’s 10am-1pm)

Competitive Sessions

       • April 4th – July 8th (Tuesday’s 6-8pm & Saturday’s 10am-1pm)

Non-Competitive Fall Sessions:

       • August 5th – August 15th: Fall Session Training Camp (Tuesday’s 6-8pm & Saturday’s 10am-noon)
       • August 19th – October 14th: Session (Tuesday’s 6-8pm & Saturday’s 10am-1pm, depending on the age group)

If you are interested in finding out additional information (including location of meeting) please send an email to omahajrrollergirls@gmail.com and we will get you the details!
Omaha Junior Roller Derby is a junior flat track derby program, open to girls and boys ages 8-17, representing the future of roller derby. The mission of Omaha Junior Roller Derby is to establish a program that will help develop character, confidence, and leadership and provide a positive social interaction in youths through sports. The Omaha Junior Roller Derby is coached by current and retired skaters of the Omaha Rollergirls. Their goal is to nurture and develop both skilled athletes and those who have not yet realized the champion inside of them. You can download the most recent enrollment packet here which contains frequently asked questions, how to join, and much more. If you need additional information feel free to email omahajrrollergirls@gmail.com or follow them on their Facebook page.
Click here to download a pdf of the Enrollment & Information Form .


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