About The Omaha Rollergirls

Omaha Rollergirls is Omaha’s premier all-female flat-track roller derby league. Roller derby is the fastest growing sport in the world and Omaha Rollergirls, is proud to represent the city of Omaha on the international level.

Our mission is to promote the strength, athleticism, and independence of women through the sport of flat-track roller derby and to provide the skills and training necessary for participation at the regional, national, and international level.

Consisting of a diverse group of athletes, the members of Omaha Rollergirls are comprised of two teams – the Omaha Rollergirls All-Stars, a seasoned team of skaters that represents the league in international sanctioned game play, and the Omaha Rollergirls AAA, which competes regionally and whose focus is to refine skills and strategy while still competing competitively.

Omaha Rollergirls operates as a not for profit organization and is skater owned and operated. The organization is entirely run through its volunteers – no one receives monetary compensation – this includes the skaters themselves, those who train/coach the girls, the officials who enforce the rules and the board of directors that run the organization.  Funds raised go directly back to the community or to further development of the league.

When Omaha Rollergirls are not on the track, they are assisting their community through involvement and volunteer work with organizations such as MOSAIC, Youth Emergency Services, Ted E. Bear Hollow, the American Cancer Society, Omaha Dog Parks, Methodist Heidi Wilke SANE/SART Program (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner/Sexual Assault Response Team), Omaha Police Department, Patricia Hiatt Memorial Cancer Fund, Dominic Elkins Fund Raiser, Benson/Fontenelle Parks and the Special Olympics. They also dedicate their time and resources to training the future of Omaha Roller Girls and Roller Bros with Omaha Junior Roller Derby. Omaha Junior Roller Derby (OJRD) is co-ed team serving kids ages 8-17. Emphasizing sportsmanship, teamwork, perseverence, and leadership, OJRD strives to encourage their skaters to become great teammates and collaborators on the derby track, in the classroom, and beyond. If you know anyone that might be interested in joining the OJRD team please email omahajrrollergirls@gmail.com.

Key Dates of Interest:

2006: The Omaha Rollergirls formed and played first game at Skate Daze.

2008: Accepted as a full member of the WFTDA.

2010: Powered through the WFTDA Regional Rankings moving from 15th ranked at beginning of the season to 9th by the end of the Regional Tournament.

2011: Moved home games to the Mid-America Center in Council Bluffs and finished the season ranked 10th in the WFTDA Regional Rankings.

2012: Entered the Regional Tournament ranked 8th and advanced to finish the season ranked 7th.

2013: WFTDA changes to a Division based structure. Competed in WFTDA’s first ever Division 2 International Tournament and ended their season ranked 65 out of 175 WFTDA leagues worldwide.

2014: Omaha Rollergirls All-Stars Team placed 9th at the 2014 WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs in Duluth. Ending their season ranked 62 out of 205 teams ranked worldwide.

2015: Omaha Rollergirls All-Stars Team ended their season ranked 70th out of 254 WFTDA leagues worldwide.  The Omaha Rollergirls will be hosting a portion of the 2015 WFTDA International Division 1 Playoffs from October 2nd-4th! Also we are proud to say we won Best of Omaha for 2015 for Best Sports Team!

2016: It is the Omaha Rollergirls 10th Season and we have 12,526 likes on Facebook. We started this season ranked 84th on the WFTDA Rankings, and we move 10 spots to end the year ranked 74th. And for the second time in a row we won Best Of Omaha Sports Team 2016!


Roller derby is a full-contact, competitive sport played on quad roller skates. Players skate around a flat oval track in a counter clockwise direction. Games, known as bouts, consist of two 30 minute periods, which are divided into jams of up to two minutes each with 30 seconds between each jam.

Each team consists of up to fourteen players and two bench coaches.  Each team fields one jammer and four blockers for each jam.  One of the blockers is designated as a pivot.  Teams are free to change lineups for each jam, and players may play different positions in different jams.


Blockers start the jam between the jammer and pivot lines, lined up according to each team’s strategy for that jam.  Blockers are responsible for maintaining the pack, so must generally skate in a tight formation with other blockers.  Blockers work to prevent the opposing team’s jammer from scoring points (defense), while also working to provide safe passage for their jammer through the pack (offense).  Blockers achieve both goals by blocking opposing players and providing assists to their teammates.


Pivots, sporting the striped helmets, are considered blockers, but have two additional responsibilities.  First, they are the only blockers allowed to line up on the pivot line at the start of the jam.  More importantly, pivots are able to assume the position of jammer. This occurs when the jammer passes her jammer helmet cover to her pivot and the pivot puts the helmet cover on.


Jammers, sporting the starred helmets, line up behind the jammer line at the start of the jam. This puts them behind all of the blockers from both teams.

The jam starts when the jam timer blows a single whistle.  The jammers immediately begin fighting their way through the pack in an attempt to be named “lead jammer.” The first jammer to get through the pack without committing a penalty is the lead jammer.  Lead jammer is signaled by the jam ref blowing a double whistle, pointing at the lead jammer with one hand, and holding the other hand up in the shape of the letter L.  After the first time through the pack, each jammer scores a point each time they lap an opposing player. A jam lasts a maximum of two minutes, but the lead jammer may call off the jam early by repeatedly placing her hands on her hips.

If you’re interested in the extreme details, be sure to check out the full rule set at WFTDA.com. Otherwise, the best way to understand is to come out to the game and see these hard hitting ladies in action, so check out our calendar for our next event!


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